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Prints by Gabriel Kelemen

“A very powerful healing system,
similar to BioSignatures.”
Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry

Professor Kelemen’s presentation of his incredible artworks – which reveal details of energetic structures and flows never before seen – at the Waves of Health and Illness Conference has led to an explosion of interest in his work.

BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim noted the healing power of Professor Kelemen’s remarkable illustrations, during the Vesica Institute Waves of Health & Illness online conference.
Dr. Karim made the following observation on Prof. Kelemen’s work:
I see [Prof. Kelemen’s] three dimensional drawings or representations, they are not actually just drawings, they are living energy systems… We shouldn’t forget the actual 3D models that we see with Prof. Kelemen’s [pictures], they have healing effects on certain parts of the body. So out of the [Kelemen] system I see a very powerful healing system similar to BioSignatures. Only, this is a 3D system while in BioSignatures we simplified them to a 2D system.
Vesica Institute founder Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. noted that
“Prof. Kelemen’s art reveals previously hidden energy patterns — including new transformations of the Spiral, Vortex, and Torus — which actually create and sustain physical matter, life, and health.

In addition to his art generating powerful radiesthesia energies, they are a guide to future breakthroughs in Vibrational Science and Energy Medicine.”

We have arranged with Prof. Kelemen to offer for a limited time, some of the most amazing of his original art pieces for sale through the Vesica Institute. 

We have also hand-picked select pieces to offer prints of.  For a limited time, you can get these prints below.