How to Test Any Healing Device or Vibrational Tool

PendulumHere at the Vesica Institute we are constantly asked about our opinion on different vibrational healing tools & devices. Today the market is flooded with vibrational devices, ranging from simple cards imprinted with vibrational information to complex electronic devices costing tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t spend that kind of money on a tool without testing it first!

There are some excellent vibrational tools available today, however there are also many which not only are not beneficial, they are actively harmful. 

In many cases, inventors with no ability to test or evaluate energies properly create tools for which they make inflated claims, then sell these tools to unwitting customers who themselves have no ability to properly test energies or their effects.

At the Vesica Institute we have tested some Vibrational Tools which are extremely harmful, radiating out a range of toxic Vertical Waves and weakening any person exposed to them. In more than one case, the person selling the tool would tell customers “feel the energy from this – you can really feel it!” Well yes, you can really feel energy coming from the device, but you can similarly really feel energy coming out of strong unbalanced electro-magnetic fields or fluorescent lights: that doesn’t make them beneficial. In fact, devices with the strongest irritating waves are often the easiest for persons of little sensitivity to “feel something” from.

It is also common to find claims such as “we channeled this device from a Being who told us this creates the highest energy ever on Planet Earth.” We have personally heard over a half-dozen different device makers make this same claim — obviously they can’t all be correct, their tools are all very different, so they can’t all have the highest energy ever on the planet! In reality, claims based on channeled beings are basically meaningless; anyone can make claims of this kind, and it is often the persons with the least solid foundation in understanding energetic qualities and their health effects who resort to that type of advertising. We have found that some tools which are promoted in this way in fact test quite poorly, in some cases radiating strong toxic Vertical Waves.

While we at the Vesica Institute certainly have our own testing experiences and knowledge base regarding different vibrational tools, the key thing is that anyone who has taken the BioGeometry trainings can test any healing device on the market themselves!

This is in fact one reason why the Vesica Institute has devoted so much time over the last decade in supporting BioGeometry throughout North America. 
BioGeometry teaches essential, lifelong skills in testing and applying the energy qualities which affect all living beings.

Below we provide an overview of some of the precision methods taught in BioGeometry for evaluating the specific energy qualities coming from any source, and also how a particular vibrational field affects a specific person (whether it benefits or harms them.)

Four essential methods of energy testing

Here are four essential testing methods, which are taught in the BioGeometry Foundation Training (BG FT):

1. Test for the Vertical Wave of Negative Green (taught in the BG FT: Level 1)
Tool needed: Vertical Wave Pendulum or Virtual Cone Pendulum.

If there is a strong field of this detrimental energy quality coming from the tool or device, then you should not apply the energy from the tool to a person or other living being. It likely is also a strong indicator that the inventor of the device does not understand energy qualities sufficiently well, and that you may want to avoid using this tool altogether. However if you choose to use a device which has strong Vertical Waves of Negative Green (V-G) emanations, make sure you use the methods taught in the BG FT to transform the V-G so it is no longer detectable, and that you also get lots of BG3 from the device before you expose anyone to its radiations!

2. Test for the BG3 / Centered Energy Quality (taught in the BG FT: Level 2)
Tool needed: BG3 Pendulum.

It is a good sign if the vibrational tool has strong BG3 (the energy quality of the Center, which balances all living systems) radiating from it. However be aware that some good vibrational tools may not have much BG3, but will have strong emanations in one of the other 12 Horizontal Wave Bands. Which of the Horizontal Bands a device has is an indicator of its energetic functions, as will be clear for those of you who have studied French Radiesthesia or related information (such as Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome system of Color Therapy, or the Color Pranas described in Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing system.)

If you find strong readings in Horizontal Wave Bands (which are generally beneficial) but not much BG3, you will particularly want to be sure to test using Methods 3 & 4 described below, to be sure that the tool is beneficial for the specific individual you intend to use it on. Remember the lessons taught in the BG FT, regarding how all the Horizontal Bands (aside from the BG3) are Polarized energies, which may be beneficial for one person but not for another; in practice this means that any Polarity energies require direct testing before applying them to individual people. In sum, we can say that not having BG3 is not a deal-breaker, but it is a good sign if it is present on energetic tools. Remember that BG3 can also be added to any existing device through the methods discussed in the BG FT (such as applying BG3 forms to the energy pathway running through the device, so that the BG3 is carried by the current.)

[Note: These first two methods fall in the general category of Testing the Objective Qualities present in any Energy Field. This allows you to know exactly what the true quality really is of the energy generated by any healing device. This is different from testing the variable effects of the device on different people, which is tested in the next two methods.]

3. Test for Strengthening or Weakening Effects on the General Energy Field of a specific person (taught in the BG FT: Level 1) 
Tool needed: Neutral Pendulum.

This is the Personal Wavelength method which was popularized by the French Radiesthesiasts, an excellent way to test the effects of any substance or energy field on any person. Test the device’s radiations for its effects on strengthening or weakening a person’s entire energy field; what may be an ideal tool for one person (based on what they need energetically) may in some cases be useless or even detrimental to another person (especially if the tool does not have strong BG3, which would tend toward balancing its effects.) Test and know for sure!

4. Test for Strengthening or Weakening Effects on a particular Body Part of a specific person (taught in the BG FT: Level 3)
Tools needed: Neutral Pendulum and either an Anatomy Chart or Acupuncture 

This is the more advanced form of Personal Wavelength testing used by many French Medical Doctors prior to World War 2. This method — referred to as “Medical Radiesthesia” by the Doctors who used it — makes it possible to test how any specific substance or energy field (such as that from a vibrational tool) strengthens or weakens a specific part of a person’s body. In practice, this means that any gland, organ, energy center, etc. can be tested to find exactly what vibrational quality (such as from a specific healing device or vibrational tool) will be the most helpful to strengthen & energy balance a weak or impaired body.

[Note: These last two methods fall in the general category of Testing the Effect of a Vibrational Field on a Specific Individual. This allows you to know whether a particular device is strengthening or weakening for a particular person, so that you can determine if it will really help a particular problem you may be purchasing that device for.]

Two advanced methods of energy testing

And here are two more testing methods, taught in the BioGeometry Advanced Training (BG AT):

1. Test for BG3 Quality and Intensity Levels (taught in the BG AT: Level 4)
Tool Needed: Human Archetype Ruler.

This testing is done with the Human Archetype Ruler, which is based on the incredible energy grid pattern which Dr. Karim found in his study of the pictures drawn on the Ancient Egyptian Temple walls. This energy grid is the actual pattern of the Human Spiritual Archetype, and when used as the Human Archetype Ruler we can test 10 different quality levels (and intensity levels) of the BG3 vibration which may be present in the energy field of any person, place, or thing. This advanced method takes us well beyond the simple general testing for BG3 which we learned in the BG Foundation Training.

With this technique we can then see on the Ruler the deeper energy blueprint of the vibrational tool we are testing; its precise levels of BG3 Qualities and Intensities. This is an extremely helpful form of testing when comparing two different Vibrational Tools, to see which has the best spread of BG3 energy qualities.

2. Test for BG3 Quality and Intensity Levels on the 7 different Planes of Nature (taught in the BG AT: Level 4)
Tools needed: Human Archetype Ruler and Planes of Nature Strip.

This extends the testing for BG3 Quality and Intensity levels on the Ruler into actually navigating through all 7 Planes of Nature: the Physical, Vitality, Emotional, Mental, Causal, Spiritual, and Divine Planes. This opens up tremendously deep insights into the invisible energy structure of any vibrational tool you test, and also shows which aspects of the human being it will most strongly affect. Some devices are more effective in targeting the vital energy in a person, whereas others will work more on the emotional level, while yet others will work primarily on the spiritual level etc.

This advanced form of testing reveals deeply hidden aspects of any energetic tool and its effects, aspects which even the inventors of the device are usually not consciously aware of.


For those of you who have completed the Foundation Training in BioGeometry, you can apply the first four methods above immediately to test any vibrational tool or healing device on the market today!

For those of you who have completed the Advanced Training, you can also apply the last two methods as well.

If you have completed either of those trainings, but haven’t kept up your practice and need a refresher, remember that you are eligible to take the online BioGeometry Practicum for the particular live trainings you have completed (available on the website.) These practicums were created to not only review essential skills taught in the live trainings, they also offer a structured set of progressive practices which will take your abilities to a whole new level.

For those of you who have not yet taken the live BioGeometry trainings, now is the time to get started; check out the website for our upcoming courses in North America, and for listings of courses taught all over the world.

Robert J. Gilbert for the Vesica Institute

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