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Hidden Aspects of the Mayan Calendar “End Date”

Mayan calendarThere have been numerous sensationalistic – and factually inaccurate – predictions that the end of the Mayan Calendar in Dec. 2012 means the end of the world.  This is actually not part of any classical understanding of the calendar, it is entirely a modern invention.

December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of another great cycle.

In reality, the Mayan calendar cycle that ends in 2012 is the end of a major cycle, which fits within the larger context of time cycles known to another Mesoamerican culture – the Aztecs.  The end of the Mayan Calendar on Dec. 21, 2012 is the shifting point away from the great cycle known as the Fifth “Sun” ( a “Sun” is a long time period in which human consciousness evolves to a new level, and during which specific challenges arise which are linked to this evolution.)  The Mexica (Aztec) calendar continues on for at least another two great Sun cycles, meaning over 10,000 years remaining within the next two cycles.

The famous Aztec “Sunstone” time marker portrays the Fifth Sun age, the one ending now, by their seventeenth day-sign “Ollin”, which means “movement” or “earthquake”.  A major volcanic fault line runs through Central Mexico, with the active volcano Popocatepetl over Mexico City creating earthquakes in that region.  This is connected to the understanding that the end of the Fifth Age (the “Sun of Movement”) will involve Earth changes and earthquakes over the entire planet, which we can expect to continue for some time and need to prepared for.  (There are important esoteric methods to test for instabilities in the Earth and to balance them before major destructive events occur, as will be discussed in the Vesica online seminar.)

The end of the Fifth Sun has both potential difficult and beneficial aspects.  The difficult aspect is the “Sun of Destruction” aspect linked to the Earth changes mentioned above.  This not only brings destructive nature events as the Sun heats up the Earth, but also catalyzes personal crises as instabilities within our own psyches are activated and play out in our lives.

The beneficial aspect is the “Sun of Life Energy” which activates our taking up a path of conscious (and intense) personal transformation, as many of us are now engaged in and are already experiencing.

Which of these two aspects we primarily experience will depend on the path we choose to walk – we can either choose and embrace a path of conscious spiritual development, or if we avoid our path of spiritual transformation we will then have external things we depend on stripped away, in order to propel us towards the spiritual path we are avoiding.

We are currently in the time period moving from the Fifth to the Sixth sun.  According to modern Mexica (Aztec) sources (see Sergio Magana “2012-2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun”), the energy of the Sixth Sun entered in 1991 when the Fifth sun was still dominant, and the Sixth sun energy gathered strength in 2003.  On the Mayan Calendar end date of Winter Solstice on 21 December 2012, the two energies will be equal; from that time forward the Fifth Sun energy will fade and the Sixth Sun energies will increase, so that by 2021 the Sixth Sun energies will be the major influence. 

The Fifth Sun was a time of looking outside ourselves for external gratification and conquests: the Sixth Sun (the “White Sun”) is a time of illuminating our inner worlds and subconscious issues which we have avoided for lifetimes, clearing out our blockages so that higher consciousness can be our permanent state.

This is also a time in which extremely advanced energy healing and energy handling skills will be manifested by many people, who are walking the conscious path of self-transformation.

The sun at Winter Solstice is aligning with the center of our galaxy.

This creates energy effects which must be consciously balanced.

As elaborated by John Major Jenkins and others (with information coming from the Indian science of Vedic Astrology) on Dec. 21, 2012 the Sun will at Winter Solstice align with the Galactic Center, as seen from the Earth.

Why is this important?

The Winter Solstice is one of the four anchor points of the “Cross of Time” for the Earth’s energy field, along with the Summer Solstice and the Spring & Fall Equinox points.  The Winter Solstice is in some ways the most important of these key activation points in the yearly energy cycle of the Earth: it is the time when THE LIGHT RETURNS, the time when we have the shortest day of the year and the external power of the Sun begins to increase again after 6 months of decrease (the period from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice.)

The importance of the Winter Solstice is indicated by the holidays and divine births observed in many esoteric traditions at this time.  In esoteric Christianity, it is the time of the greatest spiritual awakening of the human being during the Yearly Cycle, mirrored in Christmas, the 12 Holy Nights, and Epiphany (the manifestation of the Christ Consciousness in the Human Being.)  Human beings can attain their highest state of spiritual awakening during this time in the yearly cycle, partly due to the contractive effects of Winter on the human energy body.

The alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Center at the time of the 2012 Winter Solstice thus connects a major energy gateway of the Earth – the turning point in time for the Light returning, and the time of greatest spiritual wakefulness in the human being – with the center of the Galaxy. 

All Centers have great power, they connect directly to the Divine beyond time and space: Centers are the gateway to the Divine.  This is shown in the classic Initiation symbol of the Point in the Center of the Circle, which groups like the Rosicrucians and Freemasons say is the symbol of the Godhead.  The center of our Galaxy is a huge spiritual Gateway with tremendous power, which can create major transformations of human energy and consciousness 

However what I have NOT found in any discussion of the 2012 event from any source, is the actual energetic impact of the Galactic Center alignment.  In my own vibrational research, validated later by other researchers I asked to check my results, I have found that the human energy system is severely disturbed when one consciously connects to the Galactic Center; this is really not surprising, given that modern science suspects a Black Hole lies in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which crushes all matter out of existence.

In classical times, it was well understood that specific things which activate high level spiritual energies could disturb the human energy system.  This gave rise to the science of creating “rituals” to balance these disturbances to the human energy field.  Although classical rituals are naively thought today to be merely psychological and symbolic activities, in reality they can powerfully balance the human energy field during states of high-energy exchange with a greater power.    [This concept is elaborated by BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim in his important article “Brainwaves, BioFeedback, and Religious Ritual” included in the third level of the BioGeometry® training, which also details specific classical rituals created for this purpose of energy balancing.]

There are specific practices which can balance the effect of the Galactic center on the human energy field, which we will explore in the online course.

You should also be aware that:

  • The Sun actually aligned with the Galactic Equator at Winter Solstice back in 1998: this date is very significant, as 1998 was a major nodal point in a critical Rosicrucian time cycle which is affecting us very powerfully right now (as we will discuss in the online course.)
  • The Sun will not align perfectly with Galactic Center, which means it will never obscure our view of the Galactic Center.  However the Galactic Center is “veiled” from our physical view by great gas and dust clouds that create the “Dark Rift” discussed by the Mayan culture.  The energies from the Galactic center do still powerfully penetrate this veil, however, as shown by modern science being able to image the galactic center using infra-red photography.
  • 2012 is not the date of the Sun’s optimal alignment with Galactic Center at Winter Solstice: depending on whose calculations of the exact placement of Galactic Center you believe, that optimal alignment will happen sometime between 2040 and 2219.   Although we are not yet in optimal alignment, this does not indicate (as some skeptics assert) that the 2012 date is not connected to this Galactic Center alignment with the Sun; in reality it shows that the vibrational / spiritual effects of the Galactic Center alignment will actually be INCREASING from this point on over the coming years.

This means that every Winter Solstice in the immediate future, we will have increasing Galactic Center energies resonating with the Earth, which we can use for our spiritual evolution – but we must also consciously balance these energies, in order to use them safely and not be destabilized by them.

There are four major “Initiation Times” for spiritual practices just before and just after the December 21, 2012 date.

And many other major time cycles are also having effects now.

The end of the Mayan Calendar at Winter Solstice 2012 connects with two vital phenomena which we would benefit from understanding.

a)  The critical timing points in the yearly “Winter Initiation” cycle known to the European Rosicrucians, when human beings can have the greatest spiritual openings.  These timing points now take on added importance given the spiritual power of the 2012 event; these are the optimal times to undertake spiritual practices to transform our energy and consciousness, in coordination with the Beings and Forces active at these precise times.

b)  Other major time cycles, known to the European Rosicrucian and the Indian Vedic traditions, provide a larger context which the current end of the Mayan Calendar – and the shift from the “Fifth Sun” to the “Sixth Sun” – fit within.  These profound time cycles range from the timing of the end of the Kali Yuga “Dark Age”, to the timing cycles of the activities of specific beneficial and detrimental Beings & Forces which are taught to Initiates within the world’s great spiritual traditions.

Both aspects will be covered in detail in the online course.

And a few other things:

There are many other important aspects of the immediately approaching time for our spiritual development, including:

  • The “Venus Initiation” –  The timing cycle and energetics of the planet Venus are  fundamental to Mayan Calendar calculations.  This Initiation illuminates our hidden desire nature which unconsciously drives our actions, so that we can reach a major milestone in inner development: attaining a constant state of Happiness regardless of our external Earthly conditions.
  • The “Eagle Initiation” of St. John, who is the great Initiate of the sign Scorpio: How the Gate of the Eagle opens in December, and the connection of Scorpio to Galactic Center & the “Dark Rift” of the Mayan Initiates.
  • A Key Alignment in 2013 which will bring major challenges – and opportunities – but is still almost unknown in metaphysical circles.
  • The Rosicrucian practice to “Dissolve” physical appearances away to reveal the hidden spiritual nature of anything seen, heard, or read.
  • The specific Spiritual Beings (known to the great spiritual traditions of the world) which interact with human beings during particular Time Cycles and Planetary Alignments, and practices to consciously harmonize our activity with these beings for powerful advances in spiritual development.
  • Accessing the Power of the work of St. John the Divine for Protection and Alchemical Transformation of Consciousness (including work with the Galactic Center energies.)
  • Spiritual Practices to Master Time and develop “The Vision of the Eagle”: the ability to see across time, and to time our activities perfectly to their optimal moments.
  • The Four Types of Initiate Knowledge of the Stars (“Reading the Starry Script”) known in the true Holy Grail Tradition of Europe.

We hope this article has been of interest and benefit to you, and has answered a few of the questions which we have received recently.

Robert Gilbert for the Vesica Institute


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