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Episode 1: The Masters of the Net



sacred geomtery title card gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

[Note: Gaia changed the episode format so that this Episode 1 now appears as Episodes 1 and 2 of the series.]

Images illustrating the Script are all Copyright Gaia 2022, and are used with permission.

There is a pattern behind everything in your life, which creates pain or pleasure, happiness or misery, success or failure.

The hidden key to self-empowerment is the knowledge of these patterns which direct our lives.

Sacred Geometry teaches the master patterns which create our world and which are the true secret behind all manifestation.

In this series we will explore hidden knowledge of these master Sacred Geometry patterns which rule our lives on Earth, from ancient traditions around the world and from the latest breakthrough discoveries.

I’m Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, founder of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies.

For over 40 years I have intensively researched the patterns behind human life. This includes scientific studies from my time as a U.S. Marine Corps instructor in the field of Nuclear- Biological-Chemical Warfare Defense, and studies of Spiritual Traditions around the world while completing my Ph.D. in International Studies.

In this series I’m going to share with you some of the highlights of these 40 years of research. We will explore together the hidden patterns which manifest everything in physical existence.

This will be a journey of empowerment, to have the knowledge we need to make truly free and informed choices, to open up new experiences and understandings, and to help manifest our full spiritual potential.

Here in this first episode of the series, we will discover a hidden lineage of initiation coming from Ancient Egypt. These Initiates knew a great secret: that behind everything in physical existence, is an invisible matrix of energy which is the source of all physical manifestation. It is this invisible energy matrix which materializes everything in the physical world, through the patterns we call sacred geometry.

By the end of this episode, we will understand the reason why these great Initiates in Ancient Egypt were known by a specific name: the Masters of the Net.



Let’s start at the beginning, with what the term “Sacred Geometry” literally means. Geometry is literally Geo meaning Earth, and Metry meaning Measurement, so “Sacred Geo-Metry”, means literally the sacred measure of the Earth.

We can also think of this in a larger sense, of Sacred Geometry meaning the divine blueprints of consciousness and energy behind all of physical creation.

There is an entire branch of Sacred Geometry dealing with the Earth’s own geometric energy grids.

In the ancient world all of the Temples, monuments, and political power centers were built on the larger Power spots of the Earth’s energy grid.
The major lines of energy in the Earth were used for establishing the exact placement of the central axis of the building, walls, altars, and other features in sacred buildings.

Ancient Traditions like the Egyptian Temple Science knew that these smaller local energy grids are found in every location on earth.
They are the smaller infrastructure within the much larger energy grids of the entire planet.

The ancients knew that many of these large scale Earth grids are connected to the Sacred Geometry patterns we know today as the Platonic Solids.
They are called Platonic solids because they appeared in the writings of Plato 2500 years ago, However these forms were known in ancient Temple Sciences long before the time of Plato. The Platonic Solids are the Geometric Forms which correspond to the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Then there is the form of the “Fifth Element”: the universal life force which the Greeks called Ether, and was known as Chi, Ki, Prana and other names in different traditions. This is the fifth and final Platonic Solid.

platonic solids Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

This Fifth Element form is the 12-sided Dodecahedron, which was considered sacred and sometimes secret in the Greek tradition. Plato hints at it when he described the Earth as looking from above like a “12-Sided Ball”. In ancient traditions both the Earth and the entire Universe were considered to have the form of a Dodecahedron.

dodecahedron gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

It is easy to see why over the entrance to Plato’s Initiation School there was said to be a sign which read: “No one ignorant of geometry may enter”.

gaia triangle Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

In the 1970’s Ivan Sanderson wrote an article showing the geometric locations of physical anomalies on the Earth. He studied locations around the globe which were known for time and space distortions, such as interference with navigation equipment and mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft. The most famous of these locations is the Devil’s Triangle around Bermuda, however Sanderson found that there was a geometric pattern of similar sites all around the globe. Sanderson found these locations were at the nodal points of the Platonic Solid known as the Icosahedron.

icosahedron gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

As we will see in a later episode in this series, the Icosahedron is not only the Sacred Geometry shape for this part of the Energy Grid on the Earth, it is also known in science today as a key Biological form, which appears for example in the geometric form of Viruses, the most basic form of life. The Icosahedron is the ancient form for Water, which is related to life itself.

French and Russian Geologists had suggested that the Earth is based on the pattern of the Icosahedron, intersected by the Dodecahedron.

This was elaborated further in Russian research from the 1960’s and 70’s, which analyzed locations of ancient civilizations, the tectonic plate structure of the Earth, locations of magnetic anomalies, and many other phenomena usually thought to be unconnected.

Their findings were published in the journal of the USSR Academy of Sciences in an article entitled “Is the Earth a Large Crystal?” which provided more details of the Sacred Geometry of the Earth and showed a Dodecahedral form to the Earth — the same as Plato had declared — which is interpenetrated by the Icosahedron as shown by Sanderson. This mapping reveals the position of many major power spots on the Earth Grid.

This was then elaborated further by American researchers, who showed more details of the Icosahedron and Dodecahedron Sacred Geometries in the Earth’s Energy Grid.

Researchers discovered that to make these Earth Grid maps align properly to these Sacred Geometry patterns, Point number one of the Grid needed to be aligned to one of the world’s great large-scale power spots: Giza Plateau in Egypt.

image6 Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies


And so it is here, in the civilization of Ancient Egypt built on this primary power point of the Earth Grid, that we will find evidence of an ancient Initiation system based on the invisible energy grids, the divine Sacred Geometry blueprints behind the Earth and all physical matter.

Ancient traditions are full of references to these Energy Grid patterns, which in ancient texts are often referred to as “Nets” or “The Net”.

In India for example, the Jeweled Net of Indra is described as a net extending infinitely in all directions, with Jewels which glitter like Stars at every nodal point of the net. Every Jewel reflects all the other Jewels in itself.

Interpretations of this in Hinduism and Buddhism include that this is the structural blueprint of all of creation, with fractal interconnectedness between all parts to create a larger whole.

Indras net gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Other interpretations include that every bright jewel at the nodal points of the Net is an Atman, which is the spirit core within human beings and all spiritual beings.
Each Atman spirit core has the same Divine essence as all others, but with their own unique qualities based on the karma they have generated through acting in the physical world.
Modern physics has rediscovered only a few aspects of the ancient spiritual knowledge of energy grids.

Modern Physics holds that everything is energy in different states, that energy itself is immortal and cannot be destroyed, it only changes state, which means energy can be made to change the form it takes.

In the highest levels of modern physics, it is understood that physical matter is based on both physical particles in different states of vibration, and on waves. Waves can collapse into particles, particles can disintegrate back into waves. This is called Wave-Particle duality in modern physics.

Similarly, ancient traditions based both their understanding of natural forces and their healing methods on dynamic vital energy, not on the physical matter itself which is simply a lower, denser manifestation of the underlying energy patterns. Ancient traditions understood that energy in different states is the core of all existence.

Today the field of Cymatics studies how invisible energy waves create the structure of everything in the physical world. Cymatics makes visible the invisible blueprints of energy behind physical matter.

Cymatic experiments show clearly that all physical form is manifested through specific background energy fields. When we change the Net, the Vibrational Matrix, then the physical form instantly changes.
We will explore Cymatics in detail in episode 9 of this series. [Note: this is now “Episode 17” in the new numbering on the Gaia channel, entitled Vibrational Secrets Revealed.]

This brings us to an important secret of Sacred Geometry.
Whenever you see a physical form, including the forms of Sacred Geometry we will explore in this series, don’t think of it as a solid inert structure.
Always keep in mind that what stands behind this physical structure is the Net, the vibrational matrix of energy that this form crystallized out of.
Remember that the physical form can change immediately when the background energy matrix changes.
Everything is energy, so Sacred Geometry patterns are crystallized forms showing us the invisible vibrational matrix which is the higher reality.

This vibrational matrix is the NET which Ancient Traditions learned to Master.

Understanding that the solidity of physical matter is an illusion, that it can change based on changing the vibrational matrix behind matter, is the secret of all advanced energy healing and what we call today vibrational medicine.

It is also the secret of all advanced spiritual activation of the human being.



Ancient spiritual traditions understood that these Nets or Energy Grids work on higher plane levels in addition to their work on the Physical Plane to create physical form. Modern Physics has allowed materialism to restrict its understanding of this larger reality, so that modern materialism only sees energy manifesting at two levels, the Electro-Magnetic and the Physical Levels.

Ancient traditions understood and explored the levels beyond the Physical plane, literally the Meta-Physical.
These traditions knew of multiple planes of existence beyond the Physical, where energy can manifest in ways that we think of as today as energy, consciousness, and divine essence.

One of the most popular models of these higher planes today is the 7 Planes model from the Theosophical Society.
This image of the 7 Planes of Nature is derived from the modern system of BioGeometry, developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo Egypt. Dr. Karim found the geometric shapes which connect in resonance to each plane, which makes possible very advanced work in testing or directing energy to these planes. We will discuss BioGeometry in more detail in the final episode of this season.

Working with higher planes along with the Net of the Vibrational Matrix is a key secret of Spiritual Initiation. This makes possible advanced applications in manifestation, prosperity work, and the materialization of energy and thoughtforms into physical reality. It is all about knowing how to work with the patterns of energy which move from the higher planes of consciousness into vibrational matrices and then crystallize into physical manifestation.

Modern materialistic science doesn’t allow itself to consider any planes above the Physical plane, it bans any discussion of meta-physics just as dogmatically as any fundamentalist religion enforces the suppression of heretical ideas.

Instead, modern science talks about “Dimensions” rather than higher planes. Modern advanced physics is full of higher dimensions, in fact modern physics requires the existence of many higher dimensions in order for the mathematics of quantum physics to work out. But despite these higher dimensions in physics equations, materialistic science continues to insist that this is simply a mathematical artifact and does not indicate the existence of any higher metaphysical realities!

So let’s take just a moment to understand the basics of Dimensions, as these have taken the place in physics today of the classical ideas of the higher planes of existence.

Physics today teaches that our physical reality is literally a 3-dimensional geometric grid, comprised of three axes each at a 90 degree angle to the others.

We start with 0 dimensions, which is a Point — an energy center – with no extension in physical space. In physics it is connected to the idea of the Singularity as the source of all creation.
In Spiritual Terms, the 0 dimensional point is the gateway to the Divine Unity from which all polarity and manifestation emerges, which ancient traditions would call the Divine Plane. The zero dimensional point is literally the spiritual origin point, from which physical space is created.

To create the First Dimension, the Point moves parallel to itself to create a Line.

The point then moves on a new axis, creating lines between the new point and the two previous points, making the simplest 2-dimensional straight line form – the Triangle. This creates a flat Plane, from the 0-Dimensional Points connected through 1-Dimensional Lines.

The Point then moves on a new 90 degree axis, which creates not only new lines between the now four points, but also creates Planes on all sides of this now 3-dimensional form: making the simplest straight line 3-D geometrical form, the Tetrahedron. We have now moved from the point, to the line, to the plane, to the solid, from 0 dimensions to 3 dimensions.

If we move the point into another new axis away from the existing 3 dimensions of space, we then create a fourth dimensional object.

We cannot see any aspect of fourth dimensional or higher forms, because our human senses are based on perceiving our 3-dimensional world. However it may be that our subtle organs of spiritual perception could perceive these higher dimensions, or higher planes.

This realization, that beings with sense organs for only lower dimensions could only see fragments of higher dimensional objects, was the basis for the concept of Flatland in the famous book of that name from 1884 by Edwin Abbot.

The Flatland concept shows how a 2-dimensional being – called A Square in the book – could only see simple 2-dimensional or 1-dimensional aspects of 3-dimensional objects moving through the plane of the world he perceives.
The lesson of course is that the same is true for us as 3-dimensional beings, we can only see 3-D or lower dimensional sections of any 4-D or higher dimensional objects moving through our world.

This Flatland concept of our only perceiving small fragments of higher Dimensional objects moving through our world opens up new understandings of mysterious spiritual manifestations, of UFO sightings, etc.

5th, 6th and even higher dimensional forms are also possible and have already been identified in advanced scientific mathematics and geometric studies.
When we see these higher dimensional geometric forms on a flat 2 dimensional surface, they appear as a complex grid pattern – the Net!

So if we add another point to the preceding series of dimensional images, a new point which would now be in the Fourth Dimension along an axis shift not perceivable by a 3-D person, this would create a fourth dimensional form of which we would only see a shadow of it in our dimension.
Note that the 4-Dimensional form at the end of this sequence, when shown in a lower dimensional projection as a flat 2D form, from a specific perspective looks like a five pointed star — a pentagram — inside a five sided enclosure, a pentagon!

This opens up the possibility that forms in Sacred Geometry used by ancient spiritual traditions are actually lower dimensional projection views of higher dimensional objects. These 2D or 3D sacred geometry patterns may actually have the hidden power to energetically connect us to higher dimensional realities, which only advanced spiritual adepts can directly perceive.

As we will see in a later episode, the Pentagram form we see here created by higher dimensional projection is a key Sacred Geometry pattern for the human energy body, and has been used for spiritual and magical purposes throughout recorded human history.

This Pentagram within a Pentagon is also related to the large Dodecahedron of the Earth Grid we saw earlier in this episode. The Dodecahedron is comprised of 12 pentagons, showing that the energy geometries of the human body also exist in a larger macro form in the energy grids of the Earth itself.

This is a profound aspect of Sacred Geometry, that geometric forms we see may just be “shadows” of higher dimensional forms which most human beings have not yet developed a sense organ to perceive.
However it may be that the work spiritual initiates do to structure their energy field through Sacred Geometry, allows them to develop new organs of perception in their own subtle bodies, which allows them to perceive these higher realities on higher planes of existence.



Now that we have explored some basics of energy grids, the Net, as patterns which create the physical world and which manifest on multiple planes and dimensions, we can now explore the hidden tradition of the Masters of the Net in Ancient Egypt!

We saw earlier that Grid Point Number 1 on a key Sacred Geometry Planetary Grid is located at Giza Plateau. The advanced Spiritual and Vibrational Science of Ancient Egypt was the guardian of this key power spot.

The ancient Egyptian tradition cultivated deep, hidden knowledge and applications of the energetic Net behind all physical manifestation, both in the human energy field and in the Earth itself.

In modern Physics, it is understood that all physical matter is within an energy grid of Space and Time. This Grid, or Net, of Space-Time in Physics is actually distorted by the mass of physical objects.
Today we see in Physics books a representation of the Net of Space-Time being distorted by physical mass; this Net is often shown looking like a rubber sheet with a squared geometric grid on it, being distorted and stretched by an object such as a bowling ball, or a planet. This means that the Net is malleable, and can be modified.

Over 5000 years before modern physics, this same energy Grid which is today called the Net of Space-Time, was known and shown in the Ancient Egyptian mysteries as the Net which creates and sustains all physical existence.
Learning to tap the power of this Geometric Energy Grid was a key aspect of the Egyptian Temple Initiation.
Those initiated into these mysteries were known as the Masters of the Net.

Behind the illustrations on the Egyptian Temple Walls were geometric grids constructed first by the artists, before creating the final illustrations we see on the completed Temple Walls.

These Geometric grids used in Ancient Egypt are known to modern Egyptologists, but with their materialistic viewpoint many believe these grids to have only been a practical method to lay out the illustrations on the wall; they ignore the vast literature in Ancient Egypt which describes this Net and its magical power.

There were specific terms used for different aspects of the Geometric Net of Energy by the Egyptian Initiates of the Temple. Some of these terms are seen here, from Hieroglyphic texts published by British researchers in the late 1800’s.

In addition to the Net being used as a background blueprint for the images on the Egyptian Temple Walls, there were also direct representations of the Net.

For the public, the Net was often represented metaphorically as a Net used to catch fish, or birds.

Initiates were shown learning to Master the Net and its powers.

Deeper initiation teachings were also held within the Net imagery.

Ancient Egyptians did not refer to non-physical Beings as Gods or Goddesses, as they are translated into English today from ancient texts, but rather referred to these Beings as Neters: the conscious forces of Nature which the Initiate learns to directly communicate with, and to direct their power.

Many Neters were shown with animal heads, not because ancient Egyptians worshipped animals as is sometimes falsely speculated today, but because they understood that higher Divine Powers manifested through specific animals, just as today we say “Clever as a Fox”.

The Ibis-headed Neter was known to the Ancient Egyptians as Djehuti, but today we know this Neter from the later Greek name: Thoth.
Djehuti was understood to be the Being who created and taught the Egyptian Temple Science. The non-physical servants of Djehuti were depicted as Baboons, casting Nets into water to catch fish.

The deeper Initiation knowledge behind this was that these Fish caught in the Net were in actuality the souls of the dead who are unable to consciously navigate through the non- physical worlds and so become caught in the Net.

There is a specific teaching about this in the key Egyptian Initiation text the Book of Coming Forth into Light.
In this text the Initiate learns to navigate and Master the Net. In Chapter 153 the Initiate learns to consciously navigate through the Net, as seen in this quote:
“Oh you fishermen, you shall not catch me in your Net, you shall not catch me in the your Nets in which you catch the unwary, for I know the Net from its upper heights to its lower depths…”

This remarkable Initiation text details all of the aspects of the Net, from the Earth out into cosmological bodies, and which aspects of the Net connect to specific higher non-physical Beings: the Neters.

The true Master of the Net is the Initiate who has learned how to navigate through the Net, and learned how to use the Net of the living energy Matrix behind everything on the physical plane to develop powers that the uninitiated consider to be magical.

In ancient Egypt, the Neter of Death and Rebirth is named Azra, a name later corrupted in Greek to become Osiris.

The Neters of Egypt became the Angels and Archangels in modern monotheistic traditions. The name for the Angel of Death in the Jewish-Christian-Muslim monotheistic traditions is Azrael, the same name of power as Azra in ancient Egypt with the suffix “El” added, to create the name Azra-el. El is a sound of power which indicates the Divine, a high spiritual being. Note that all the Archangel names have El at the end, such as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel etc.

The Sacred Geometry form known as the “Backbone of Azra” in ancient Egypt was the Djed pillar, which was erected each year in the “Raising of the Djed” ceremony to connect heaven and earth, just as the Egyptian Temples connected power spots on the Earth on which they were built to power spots in the heavens, and just as the human spine stands erect for us to be held between Earth and Heaven to act on the physical plane. The raising of the Djed Pillar was the culmination of the Mysteries of Azra, or Osiris.

In the ancient Egyptian document which is today known as the Westcar Papyrus, one of the highest Masters of the Net in ancient Egypt is described as the Djedi, based on the Djed Pillar being the “Backbone of Azra” connecting Heaven and Earth; the Djedi derives extraordinary powers from using the Net to control natural forces.

One story in the Westcar Papyrus describes a Master of the Net, a high priest, for Pharaoh Snofru who parts the water of a lake, making a part of a Lake dry so that a valuable piece of jewelry can be reclaimed from its floor.

Today such “miracles” or “magic” are associated with the parting of the Red Sea by Moses described in the Old Testament. However these abilities to control natural forces were in fact a part of the Masters of the Net initiation lineage in Ancient Egypt, from which Moses derived his knowledge during his training in the Egyptian Temples.

Similarly, the use of the Staff by Moses is directly derived from the training in the use of the Staff in the Egyptian Temples. The staff acts as an antenna for detecting and projecting higher forces, based on the designs and shapes on the staff.

In the Westcar Papyrus, after the story of the Priest who parts the Waters for the Pharaoh, the story of the Djedi is introduced. He is said in this ancient Egyptian text to specifically have the power to restore life to the dead by reattaching severed heads, to make a lion walk tamely behind him, and to know hidden secrets of ancient Temples.

The term used in the Star Wars film series of a “Jedi Knight” who can direct “The Force” thus carries a powerful subconscious resonance and attraction for people today because it comes from the “Hekhau” system of words of power in ancient Egypt, specifically the terms “Djed” and Djedi.
The Light Saber in Star Wars sometimes resembles the form of the Djed as well.

From Ancient Egypt the hidden knowledge of the Net spread to other cultures in the Western Tradition.



tree of life gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The foundation of the modern Western Monotheistic tradition is the Old Testament, whose first book, Genesis, describes the creation of the Earth from higher spiritual realms, through the use of specific Sacred Geometry patterns.
This is reflected in the very beginning of the Old Testament, in the very first statement of the Bible at the start of the Book of Genesis.

The very first statement in Genesis in Hebrew is “Bereshit”. Note that in the Hebrew original text, there are no divisions of the letters into words, just an unbroken stream of letters which can be divided and interpreted in deeper ways within the Kabbalistic mysteries.

This first statement “Bereshit” is usually translated into English as meaning “In the Beginning” but in the deeper Kabbalistic teachings it also literally means “The NET” or “[God] Creates the Net” as the beginning of creation.

This means that the same geometric energy Net we saw previously as the core of ancient Egyptian initiation, which appears as the Matrix of Space-Time in modern physics, is also the very first statement of Genesis, which can be accurately translated as “God Creates the Net” as the very first act of Creation.

The Jewish tradition is well-known for avoiding visual images of Divine realities, however in the Kabbalah there is a powerful discussion of a specific Net of creation manifested by the 22 Flame Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, each of which is a Divine Power. In the modern Jewish Kabbalah, this Net pattern is referred to as the 231 Gates.

Perhaps the best known “Net” pattern from the Jewish tradition in modern times is the Tree of Life: an energy matrix which is a map connecting multiple dimensions, which also microcosmically manifests as a powerful energy grid within the human energy body.



symbol of life gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Tragically it has largely been forgotten today that this Tree of Life is not just a cosmological map, that it also appears as a powerful Net matrix in the human energy field used for higher spiritual Initiation.

When the activation of the Tree of Life in the human Energy Field has been approached in modern times, it has often been based simply on inaccurate speculation and not real knowledge about this pattern and its powers.

To find the accurate mapping of this powerful Net pattern in the human energy field, we need to go back to its original use in the ancient Egyptian tradition, and then amongst the Essenes and the early Christian tradition. This lost knowledge was restored in modern times by a Greek Christian Healer and Initiate known to the public as Daskalos, who referred to the pattern as the “Symbol of Life” from its ancient Egyptian roots.

We will in episode 5 of this series go into the deeper secrets of this powerful initiation pattern.

You will also learn how to activate each key part of this Net grid pattern, one section at a time over multiple episodes, so that by the end of this series you will have learned how to activate the full pattern in your energy field.
Please be aware that this can be an extremely powerful practice, which can accelerate your path of personal evolution and can even beneficially transform your spiritual destiny.

As we have seen, the common name for this pattern today is the Tree of Life — however many of the modern mappings of the Tree on the human body have serious errors.

In its original Egyptian form which passed down to the Essenes and early Christianity, it is known as the Symbol of Life.

We will in this series refer to this powerful Sacred Geometry Grid in the human energy field as the Geometry of Life Design, or referred to in short by the acronym GOLD. This will help to remind us that this pattern is indeed linked to activating the Gold energy of the Saints in our energy field, the same Golden radiance which is shown around the heads or bodies of the great Initiates of every spiritual tradition around the world.



So let us begin our activation of the Geometry of Life Design, or GOLD, with the activation of the Gold energy surrounding our head, the seat of our consciousness.

This simple exercise will allow you to experience how energy centers connect through lines of energy to create 2-Dimensional Sacred Geometry forms in your own energy body.

Remember that all of the centers we are working with in this exercise, and throughout this series, already exist invisibly within the Nets of your energy body. We are simply using our mind power to become aware of them, and to activate them.

Before we begin any spiritual practice, we can start by seeing what our baseline of energy and consciousness level is before we start the practice; this way we can observe changes that occur as a result of the practice. This helps us to know the exact effects any practice has on us, rather than relying on another person’s word about what the effects are.

We call this first and last step of any spiritual exercise, the Energy Field Awarness Practice or EFAP.

It is very simple: Just close your eyes for a moment and tune into the feeling of energy in and around your body. What does it feel like at the energy level?
Then observe what is currently in your mind and emotions: what is in your thoughts, and in your emotional feelings here at the beginning of the practice?

Don’t try to change anything, the EFAP is just about seeing what is actually present inside of you.

Now we can begin the practice itself.

Become aware of the crown center at the top of your head, feeling the vibration of that chakra.

Slowly move your awareness straight up above your crown center, until you find the first location which feels like a miniature Sun of energy and light above your head. Place your attention into the very epicenter of that first chakra above your head: this is the initial sacred geometry point to activate with your attention for this practice.

Next we will activate two hidden energy centers, one above each shoulder, which have almost been forgotten in modern times. Start by placing your attention at the top of your right shoulder.

Move your attention slowly above your right shoulder until you again become aware of a miniature sun of energy and light at this location. Put your attention into the very epicenter of the power spot above your right shoulder to activate it.
With that point above the right shoulder activated, now move your attention to your left shoulder.
Move your attention above your left shoulder until you find the miniature sun of light and energy at that location. Put your attention into the very epicenter of the power spot above your left shoulder to activate it.

You now have three of these Energy Centers activated in your energy field.

energy centers gaia Episode 1: The Masters of the Net Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

With your mind power, draw a line of Light from the Center above the right shoulder to the Center above the left shoulder. You now have create a 1-Dimensional line between these two Points.

Then with your mind power, connect to the epicenter of the Energy Center above your head, and draw a line of energy from the Center above your head to the center above your right shoulder and to the Center above your left shoulder, to connect both to the Center above your head.

This creates a 2-dimensional plane around your head, in the form of the simplest 2-dimensional geometric form made with straight lines, the triangle.

Held within the Triangle of Force anchored on the 3 points above your head and shoulders, is the Golden Divine Light which is used in many traditions around the world to attune a person to higher consciousness states.

Pull in Golden light from the Sun of energy above the head to fill up the 2-D triangle around your head. Feel that Golden Divine Light stabilized in the triangle of force around your head, clearing detrimental thoughtforms from your head and bringing in powerful spiritual awakening forces.

Feel the Golden Divine light penetrate any dark space in your head and brain, opening and clearing every aspect of your thoughts and higher consciousness.

Allow any blockages or stuck energy in your head to melt away with the radiant Golden light inside the triangle, like dew evaporating in the light of the Sun.

This Golden Triangle is very powerful by itself if properly activated and infused with divine golden light. However it is simply one part of the larger Grid of Life Design in the human energy field.

This is also a very simple practice for you to experience the movement from the 0-dimensional Point, to the one dimensional Line, to a two dimensional Plane shape in your energy field.

So this is an easy first practice to begin activating and stabilizing in your own body the Sacred Geometry forms used for advanced spiritual development.

This practice could of course be taken further into 3-D forms: for example, if we added in points of energy in front of the Throat Chakra, and at the back of the neck in the rear of the Throat chakra, we could then connect all the points into the form of a Pyramid around the Head, for example.
However that is simply an example, it is not a part of this simple beginning practice which starts our construction of the Grid of Life Design in our energy body.

We will take this building of sacred geometry grids in the human energy field much further in our upcoming episodes.

Thank you for joining us!

In our next episode we will reveal four of the deepest secrets within Sacred Geometry. We’ll explore more of the core hidden knowledge of the Masters of the Net from Egypt, and from other Great Initiation traditions around the world. See you then!

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